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Welcome to B. R. Jyotish Sansthanam


Pt A. R. Upadhyay (Jyotish Visharad)

B. R. Jyotish Sansthanam was established by Pt Upadhyay in the year 2006, we work in close co-ordination with our clients so as to come out with fruitful solutions for their problems. Our dedication and understanding in this field makes us one of the sole destinations for our client's varied problems, which have occurred due to stringent positioning of the stars and planets in their life. We believe that each individual, who takes birth on this planet is guided by certain cosmic powers, which is solely responsible for his / her right or wrong decisions. We therefore aim at critically understanding those grey areas by evaluating the horoscopes and kundlis and try to come out with beneficial remedies. We work in tandem with all kind of equipment, tools, knowledge expertise, solution and alternatives for all the sufferings of humanity. Our observations are based on the basic Karmic rules laid down by the ancient seers, which have never failed to produce the stipulated results. With our team of finest astrological talent power, we are committed to offer individual specialized in every aspect of astrology such as career, health, marriage, personal problems and many other such allied services as per the specific requirements of our clients.

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Birth Journal

A Kundli or horoscope is an astrological chart that is created based on exact birth date, place of birth and time.

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Vastu Shastra

Vaastu Shastra can be applied by keeping in harmony with these basic five elements of nature.

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The study of the palm, is mainly to observe the palm's shape, color,and lines as well as the length of the fingers.

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lal kitab

The uniqueness of Lal Kitab lies in combination of features of astrology and palmistry.

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match making

Matchmaking is the activity of trying to arrange marriages or relationships between other people.

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kundli dosh

Kundli dosh refers to one or more serious defects in the horoscope compatibility of the two persons seeking to get wedded.

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daily routines

vastu shastra


Vastu Shastra is an ancient guide for a positive home, right from the entrance of a house to the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, outdoors, and courtyard.

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Birth journal (kundli)


Kundli is the life plan of an individual. It predict your future, tells you about yourself, your problems, how to overcome them.

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Astrology is a science which has a great influence on western and eastern cultures as well. Astrology, in a logical way, interprets influences of planets and their movements in the sky. Every planet has own area of influence on humans, physically, their personality and traits exhibited. Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn have the special angle of aspect, besides being in direct opposition. Astrologers have come to conclusion that, there is a connection between the heavenly bodies and the human being on the earth. Astrologers use Astrology as a tool to understand an individual and the way his birth star influence his life.

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Our in depth proficiency help us in meeting the needs of our clients in the most beneficial manner. We prepare charts based on their personal details furnished by client to prepare solutions that will eradicate their problems and misfortunes from their life. Other notable features that have made us remarkable entity are as follows:

Individual attention is given to each and every client

Customized solutions for every type of problems

Prompt delivery of services to the clients

Generating precise results for clients

A respect for the privacy of our clients

Trusted by thousands+ clients

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